We have a well-established directory of corporate clients and private individuals receiving a broad range of services covering many aspects of Protective Security, Surveillance and Intelligence Services.

Our services include risk assessments, task surveys, personnel selection, training, and equipment sourcing and client liaison.

We wide are highly experienced in providing security to internationally identifiable individuals and organization’s from media, film, music, sports, corporate and political backgrounds.

All our Bodyguards are experienced and adaptable in overt and covert protection and due to their skillsets, training and military or police backgrounds who can operate in any environment to ensure the safety of our clients


We offer service to many clients ranging from:

⦁ Royal Families
⦁ VIPs
⦁ High / Ultra Net worth individuals or families
⦁ Celebrities
⦁ Sports Personalities
⦁ CEOs or Executives
⦁ Persons at risk or specifically targeted

What are our MALE & FEMALE bodyguards build with:

⦁ Security-Trained Drivers
⦁ Excellent judgment
⦁ Common sense
⦁ The ability to work alone and with a team
⦁ Physical health
⦁ Sound decision making
⦁ Physical combat and defence skills
⦁ Firearms trained
⦁ Evasive driving training
⦁ High levels of discretion and confidentiality
⦁ The ability to maintain a professional relationship with the client
⦁ Excellent communication skills
⦁ The ability to mentally and physically handle long hours and dangerous situations

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